‘Shake It’ with Keida’s new track, ‘Vai’

‘Vai’ is the debut single of Keida’s upcoming project “Long Weekend”. ‘Vai’, which when translated, means ‘Shake It’ is the lovechild of a bailefunk– reggaeton union from Keida’s upcoming project. “Long Weekend” is expected to comprise of 5 tracks and takes on a naturally emotive tone with notes of nostalgia. 

I’ve always been an eclectic person so this is just another side of me unfolding.” She says. “The project has been a long time coming and It’s been nothing but a pleasure collaborating with Roe Summerz to bring the truest reflection of that vision. It’s just the beginning of even greater things to forward.

In addition to working on her upcoming project, Keida will be taking on Europe during the summer to conduct a tour which will include popular shows such as Reggae Geel and Nomade Music Festival in August.