Sign of the Times – Noisemaker Dub ft Kava Jah, Divina Jasso & NSEK

‘Sign of the Times’ provides a sonic exploration of  using deep bass lines, and a tasteful combination of organic and synthetic sounds. Created organically for this project, expect to hear synths, guitar, horns, drums and percussion. 

Vocals from Kava Jah an inspired artist from Clarendon Parish, Jamaica provide an authentic message, grounded in roots reggae heritage. 

Nathan Shay Elias-Kocivar aka NSEK, is a multi-instrumentalist, dub enthusiast, music educator, and producer from San Diego, California. He infuses his music with respect for the tradition of Jamaican reggae-dub. 

Speaking on the song, NSEK explained “My favorite part of making this track was running almost everything through my Roland Space Echo RE – 201 tape delay/spring reverb. The saturation is beautiful and the tape motor is pretty wonky so you never know exactly how the take is going to sound. I make many different types of music but I love making dubs the most as it feels that it comes from my heart. As Rocky Bailey says, “The music is in the message and the message is in the music”.