Tebinsetula – Bad Sparksy, Amani Green & Dogu


After the successful launch of his premiere solo single alongside Congolese producer Majestik Legend and Ugandan singer Akongo Wero, Dogu introduces the world to the first single from his highly anticipated solo album collaboration with Amani Greene.

The forthcoming album, a joint venture between Dogu, renowned as one part of the globally praised production duo Ancient Astronauts, and Amani Greene, the acclaimed Tanzanian producer residing in Uganda and associated with East African Records, is poised to redefine musical boundaries and expectations.

What initially sparked as a one-day jam session at East African Records studios in May 2023 between Dogu and Greene transcended into an ongoing creative collaboration, ultimately solidifying into the vision of producing an entire album together. The seamless synergy and organic musical connection between these two talented producers have transformed their studio sessions into a harmonious musical journey that feels like years in the making.

During one of these electrifying studio sessions in Kampala, the emerging Dancehall artist Bad Sparksy made a pivotal appearance. In the course of a single day, a momentous collaboration ensued, birthing the music and lyrics that now resonate in “Tebinsetula.” This track embodies the essence of a robust Dancehall anthem, seamlessly blending the vibes of 90s Dancehall Reggae with contemporary, compelling production—a captivating Afro Dancehall groove that beckons listeners to move and groove.

Bad Sparksy, a promising talent hailing from the gritty streets of Namuwongo in Kampala, Uganda, brings forth a distinct lyrical delivery and an undeniable vigor in his songs, reminiscent of the early days of Dancehall icon Bounty Killer. His narrative reflects the resilience amidst adversity, shedding light on the challenges of navigating life in a city where financial constraints and scarce job opportunities prevail.

Tebinsetula is a testament to Bad Sparksy’s unwavering dedication to his principles and unwavering resolve. Through its pulsating beats and poignant lyrics, the single echoes his steadfast commitment to staying authentic in the face of adversity, an ode to resilience and unwavering belief in positivity.

In a landscape often misconstrued, Bad Sparksy emerges as a torchbearer, not of the stereotypes associated with the ghetto but of hope, determination, and a spirit unyielding to hardships. He seeks to uplift his neighborhood by showcasing pride and positivity, channeling his efforts into crafting compelling music that transcends boundaries.

As “Tebinsetula” promises to captivate audiences worldwide, Dogu, Amani Greene, and Bad Sparksy stand as beacons of creativity and resilience, using their music to champion change and inspire hope.