The legendary Burning Spear releases ‘Mommy’, first track of his new album!

The legendary Burning Spear, who had stepped away from the scene for a few years, has now returned with a brand new release: ‘Mommy‘. Mommy is the first track of his new album ‘No Distroyer‘, his first release in 10 years. An ode the woman that holds a family together and ‘prevents her kids from fall’, no matter what.

From the moment the Spear starts singing, the track sounds like we are being taken back to the golden era of Roots Reggae Music. That familiar voice combined with Heavy basslines, the inevitable Brass section and teaching lyrics. This is the reggae we grew up with, message music that can teach us a thing or two.

We can’t wait for a whole new album with all this rootsy authentic goodness! Enjoy!