Wha Dat – Anthony B (Music Video)

With the possibility to become part of the current ‘girls quarrel’ between Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don, Anthony B released a new track addressing their toxic fight with a new track on Rvssian’s Dutty Money Riddm called ‘Wha Dat’. The song expresses Anthony B’s concerns, not only on this quarrel, but also on the various other ‘wars’ going on in current Dancehall music unlike the unity in other genres.

“This song is a message to all dancehall artists male and female kings and queens war n fighting each other is not a good thing for our culture or the younger minds that will be infulance by our music and follow our words and put actions an meaning that leads to violences MUSIC HAS A STRONG INFULANCE UES IT WITH A POSITIVE SENSE“, Anthony B writes as a caption under his Youtube Video.