When We Gonna Start – Azato & Jonah Jaxon

Spiritual, Conscious, Roots Reggae Band from Honolulu, Hawaiʻi Azato joins Jonah Jaxon in running non-profits with at-risk teenagers focusing on the arts, life skills, and personal/spiritual development in the inner-city community of Kalihi/Honolulu, Hawai’i. One of the hardest parts of this work is having to bury many of their young friends. They have lost over 40 students to the streets and loved each of them as if they were their own. “When we Gonna Start” is not only addressing gang violence plaguing many of their city streets but this song also addresses each of their hearts.

My heart and prayer is that we all can love everyone we come in contact with more deeply. This is a song of hope and also a song to honor those who were taken much too soon. When we gonna start loving each other? When are we gonna stop fighting our sisters and brothers? – Azato