When You Love – Lukie D

Recording artist Lukie D, who is also a member of the vocal group L.U.S.T.(with fellow singers Thriller U, Singing Melody and Tony Curtis), has a brand new single that was released today; March 25th. The heartfelt lovers-rock reggae song is titled When You Love, and it comes courtesy of the Big Feet Records label.

All who are familiar with his music will affirm that Lukie D is among the best in the reggae-dancehall industry, this is as it relates to vocal delivery. This fact is evident in When You Love, where he outlines what a man should do when he loves a woman.

As is the case with all songs coming from the Big Feet camp, the production of When You Love was a team effort. Josh Harris – the executive producer – played the keyboard and bass; Jallanzo played the guitar and Santa Davis did the drums. It was mixed by Umberto Echo and mastered by Earle Holder