Niceness presents ‘What A Day’

It’s the second single from the upcoming album ‘Realize’

The American band Niceness presents the second preview of their new album Realize due in February, after Better Than You Know, released last December. The new single What A Day comes accompanied by a video clip.

The singer and frontwoman of the group, Koral Delatierra, describes the song this way: “What A Day is about creating the world we want to live in. We will be the change we seek, and we will grow from the hardships we face. For too long, we have felt powerless in the face of so many injustices, from environmental destruction due to the greed of large corporations to the devastating murder of too many of our black, brown and indigenous brothers and sisters. We recognize the power in our collective grief and that from this grief our courage and strength transpires”.

The video clip was shot in the mountains of Colorado and reflects the juxtaposition of all that is going on in the world right now. While so many of us feel the profound pain and anger in the face of severe injustice, there is also hope being birthed from the pain.

Recorded entirely in analog at Prairie Sun Recording Studios in California and mixed and mastered by producer Jim Fox of Lion and Fox Recording Studios in DC; What A Day is available on YouTube and all digital platforms.

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