Niceness – Realize

The Colorado band Niceness presents their second album, Realize. Three years since their debut album Sunshine,  the group has returned to the studio to record their new work on all analog equipment. The album was advanced by the single and music video for What A Day along with the single Better Than You Know, which reached #8 on the iTunes charts.

Vocalist and frontwoman Koral Delatierra explains, “This album is dedicated to all our brothers and sisters, past, present, and future, who show us that a just and sustainable world is possible. May we continue to strive to leave our children a more peaceful, healthy, and prosperous world. We chose the album title because we understand that to realize is to understand clearly. There is so much at stake in the world that needs our profound realization”.

“The songs in this album are our meditations on niceness. They are straightforward lyrics and grooves to serve as clear reminders to realize what is most important. We feel blessed to have this opportunity to share these songs and we hope they will be as transformative for others as they have been for us” she concludes.

With the legendary Jim Fox at the helm at California’s Prairie Sun Studios and mixed and mastered in Washington DC, Realize is available on all digital platforms.

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