Prof-I – Iyahbinghi Redemption – Reggae Music from Creation

Runn Records presents: Iyahbhinghi Redemption (Prof-I)
Original nyahbhinghi music with a delicate African touch

Barrington Andrew ‘Prof-I’ Reynolds is a rastaman from creation. He started chanting nyahbinghi in 1967 when he went to Back-A-Wall (now Tivoli Gardens) with his brethren I-Leck. Prof-I soon realized he was a natural chanter and drummer. Since then he has participated in numerous events celebrating rastafari and nyahbinghi:

One Love Peace Concert 1977, Ethiopian Liberation Day, His Majesty’s Earthday, His Majesty’s Coronation Day, Ethiopian Christmas… He performed with most of the original nyahbinghi warriors: Black Heart, Iverton, Priest I, Bongo Shorty and Mother Fire, Bongo Rocky and Daughter Baby I, Daughter Miriam, Daughter Yanzy, Irie Irons, George Irons, Istan, Iqula, Shedrach, Mishrach and Abednego, Historian, Mortimo Plano, The Great Ketty Man (Pa-Shanti), Ma Shanti, Bongo Daniel (The Bans Master and Ketty Man), Prince, Sam Brown, Solomon Wolfe, Ras Pidow, Bongo Tani, Bongo Watto, Bongo Isaac, Bongo Bash, Bongo Joe, Bongo Lenny, Bongo Tony, Bongo Hugh, Bongo Shorty (from Montego Bay) Bongo Gabby, and many other binghi brethren and sistren.

Nyahbinghi: reggae music from creation
Nyahbinghi is rastafari from creation, rooted in ancient humanity, dedicated to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I. Nyahbinghi is reggae music from creation, chants of praise and glory to the Most High, played on bass, funde and kette (repeater) drums. It is the rhythm of the heart, and the wisdom therein.

Nyahbinghi recordings are very rare. The legendary Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation of Rastafari recorded two classic albums in the seventies. Light of Saba and Cedric Brooks created some great work. Ras Michael & Sons of Negus crossed over to reggae without losing the soul and true inspiration of nyahbinghi. Rastafari Elders brought their authentic music and stories to the United States. Keith Richards presented to us his Wingless Angels.

Prof-I & Iyahbinghi brings nyahbinghi to the 21st century, with new songs and chants, a distinctive African flavor, and introducing sister drummers, a token of his deep love and respect for women in general and Empress Menen in particular.

Reggae in its purest form!

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