R.esistence In Dub: The LongFingah Attack Remixed

A few months after the release of the EP The LongFingah Attack, Italian R.esistence in Dub publish The LongFingah Attack – Remixed, in which four European artists present their version of the songs contained in the previous work made with the German singer LongFingah.

This EP was anticipated by the release of Come A Dance with Timbali’s remix, a very successful representative of the London scene, and by Warning, realized by the German producer and dub activist Umberto Echo. To these, we now add Speculator, mixed by the young and energetic Austrian sound Dubbing Sun and Anybody Out There in the version signed by the well-known Italian producer Paolo Baldini.

The four original songs are featured in the EP released last November, as result of the collaboration in recent years with the Berlin singer LongFingah and with Paolo Baldini in charge of the mix and dubs. The resulting fresh sound transports you to the world of dubwise, accompanied by lyrics that want to be an open critique of the social madness we are entering.

The LongFingah Attack – Remixed, the twelfth work for R.esistence in Dub in 14 years of activity, is available on their Bandcamp page.

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