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Gramps Morgan, one of the famous members from musical revolutionary family “THE MORGAN FAMILY”. Reggae Music Lives is his second solo album, with 13 beautiful tracks of pure reggae vibes and ofcourse a wonderful message in each one of them.

The CD was released by Dada Son Entertainment on the 24th of April and we will now, after listening closely to the CD itself give you a full review about the complete package.

Gramps Morgan his power troughout this cd comes mostly, beside the lyrics, trough his powerfull but soft voice. A gift that few singers have and even fewer take advantage of.

Listening to the first track, Reggae Music Lives, makes you want to get up and move like you do in any other club. It is one of the best opening reggae songs I have heared in my live on an album. With powerfull words like ” Reggae Music Lives Troughout The Power Of Jah” and explaining to us WHY reggae music is such a wonderful fundament for us. Giving you a fast tour troughout the reggae music’s evolution, Gramps Morgan gives ghostbumps from the moment the riddim begins untill…..

Want Fi Charge Mi….on a sunny and joyfull riddim the words brings sun into whatever room/space you are in the moment you listen this song. “Africa A Call Mi Cuz Inna Babylon Dem Want Fi Charge Mi” , yes people we do live in a terrible world still this song brings out the truth with joy and that there is a sunny side about life itself. Returning to the homeland isn’t easy but who will keep on pushing, will reach his goal. A Total diffrent vibe then in the first song, but the diversity is being compensated by lyrics and like I said before with the way Gramps uses his voice.

Life Too Short “Too Worry About Badmind”, The best way to actually review this song is to just think about the simple things in life that mostly aren’t appreciated. Gramps wants you, while listening to the song, to focus on that. Don’t worry about the “wickid” minded ones but just life your life because Jah will guide you while living. He is right, these days we will reach 70-80 and then it’s over. Therefore he wants us to give thanks for life and the simple things that we have. So, “Life Too Short To Be Taking On A Heavy Load And To Hold Grudges”.

I Hear You Calling another sunny riddim on the Reggae Music Lives album. Gramps sings about the fact that in his heart he feels and hears his motherland, Africa, naming the countries that mostly aren’t named I personally think this is one of the best songs of the entire album. A great switch between a powerfull voice and then a soft and comforting voice, this kind of change in a song is something that brings a smile to my face.

The Life We Chose, a tune that at some moments gives me a flashback to Disney’s Lion King, because of the riddim. Unfortunately this is only 2 minutes long…so I you might want to replay it a couple of times. “Don’t worry about a thing, everything is everything”, a feel good song, showing appreciation to everything he has been given and being proud of it.

Find Myself Thinking Of, you must know the feeling where you can’t get this one specific person out of your mind. Gramps sings about the love that she makes him feel. “Baby Your All I Find Myself Thinking Of”, loving someone is one of the most important things in life itself, having the same love for someone that loves you back is still very unique for each couple and Gramps has put this feeling on paper in an almost perfect way.

I Really Appreciate You, as still in these times women are still not being given the appreciation and respect that they need and ofcourse deserve, Gramps will tell you how and why. “I thank you for who you are to me”, I don’t think I could’ve put it better to words then Gramps did. As we all know a womens touch is something special and we are grateful for having singer/songwriters like Gramps that also beside writing really SINGS it with a certain emotion that will touch your heart in a good way.

Coulda DJ(Dem Neva Know) a real RAGGAMOFFIN tune. Like I told you before, the diversity on this album is incredible and unexpected. What can I say, if you know Shaggy, Shabba, Buju, that is what this song would remind you off. Well, let’s just say we can add Gramps to that list now too. With another splendid riddim and just, yes I’ll just say it, I GET UP AND JAM!!!!!!!! That’s the only way to really feel what this song is telling.

The Almighty, “Mi Praise Di Almighty”, got it? Yes, Gramps gives thanks for life. Keep giving thanks and praises while being supressed, Gramps sings about continuing to stay strong while evil tries to take you of your ways or state of mind. If you put your mind to it, you will be blessed, Gramps Morgan. As he says himself, This is not a song, these are prayers!

Dream feel it, close your eyes and start meditating. This is what the this wonderful piece of musical art is about. Spread your wings and let your spirit fly, you can do whatever you set your mind on. Gramps his voice will make you see what he sees if you keep your eyes closed while listening to the song itself. Believe in yourself, accept yourself and be aware of your skills. Ofcourse it is not a easy road, no no, it’s a rocky road and he does know that, feels that and says that to us troughout this song. Another song indeed where he gives all the credit to the most high for blessing and guiding him on his path to achieve his goal.

Darling Its You another love song, something Gramps can call himself an expert in. The best love song of the cd itself? I really can’t say, every song has something special, that’s what I like so much about this cd. You can’t really say the one is better then the other although I do have a favorite one. Still that doesn’t mean 1 is better then the other. Really, Gramps diversity troughout the love songs is so wonderful, pure joy!

I Know Its Love a feeling, that everyone will have atleast once in their live. !BEING IN LOVE!, the feeling that you have when you know for sure that you have met your destiny, your queen to be, that feeling before it all gets serious. That feeling that you have when you are totally inlove and can’t think about anything else. Remember that feeling? Good, cause Gramps makes you RE-REMEMBER!

Part Time Soldiers A great opening song for the cd, is being concluded with a wonderful last song. Part Time Soldiers, on some kind of “military” riddim, Gramps ends his album with singing about……..find out yourself!

Reggae Music Lives is a wonderful reggae album wich has brought me a lot of joy and I hope you will have the same joy that I have after purchasing the album at iTunes:

Reggae Music Lives

  1. Reggae Music Lives
  2. Want Fi Charge Mi
  3. Life Too Short
  4. I Hear You Calling
  5. The Life We Chose
  6. Find Myself Thinking Of
  7. I Really Appreciate You
  8. Coulda DJ (Dem Neva Know)
  9. The Almighty
  10. DREAM
  11. Darling Its You
  12. I Know Its Love
  13. Part Time Soldiers

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