Review: Macka B – Rasta Soldier

Necessary Mayhem is a fairly new label (2006) founded by Curtis Lynch, that today released their first album after releasing some riddim mixes and mix cd’s.

Macka B – Rasta Soldier was released today and is produced by Curtis Lynch(Ceo/Founder of Necessary Mayhem).

Macka B is a known name in the Reggae scene, especially in the UK. Being in the music business for more then 20 years Macka B still got enough energy and spiritual strength to bring out a beautiful mini album that contains 6 tracks.

Rasta Soldier:

“The real war is a spiritual war” that is the message that Macka B starts off his 6 tracked album with. You will notice immediately this cd is going to be a education in the form of 6 musical tracks that starts of with educating us to not pick up the physical weapons but to continue fighting our war on a spiritual level. Once the beautiful, intelligent yet simple lyrics have gotten into your head….the song ends with a beautiful 90 second instrumental to keep you in the vibe of higher hights and spirituality.

Innocent Life:

“You take an innocent life then your a murderer”, you might notice a strong punchline in every single song on this album.

Macka B puts his finger on the sore spot. Taking an innocent life makes you a murderer and nobody should be able to get away with it. Nobody is and should be above the law. You will immediately love the lyrics in this song because they are true, righteous and honest. Honesty is one of the characteristics that has made Macka B the person that he is today. Nothing justifies your killing, if you are a soldier, vigilante or a policeofficer. A strong and controversial song that will most definetly be a huge hit worldwide.

Old Fashioned:

Macka B speaks about the positivity of the “old fashioned” way of living and thinking. Since the world is getting worse and worse if we look at manners and way of living, sticking to the roots of our life is not such a bad thing. Atleast….not as bad as others might want to make you believe.

Macka took his time for this story, 7 minutes and 4 seconds to be precise. It is not wrong to go with the flow of the modern world when it comes to technoligy such as computers and smartphones but Macka B wants us to stay alert to not go with the flow in everything. Some things are supposed to evolve troughout life and some are good as they are and should not be changed.

Never Leave My Culture:

Old Fashioned and Never Leave My Culture are 2 songs that can be, in my honest opinion, be put together as Macka B states that he will never leave his culture for nobody and for no price. He states this because his culture is part of his personality and contributes in his way of living. It is a wise lesson that he wants to teach us, never forget where you come from and what you are.

Outta Order:

A Dancehall song, old school style with a clear message towards the football players and any rolemodel in the world. This song itself is focussed on the racism in football but can be easily be put into a different perspective such as not behaving like a role model. Macka B sends out a clear message to every person that is a role model and therefor should behave and act like a one. In that case this song is for all of us, everybody is a role model and everybody has got a person looking up to him/her and therefor we should watch out to never go outta order.

Our Music:

An ode to the music that he loves, REGGAE! Macka B is pointing out the priority of music, without music we cannot live and that is a strong statement but yet true. Listening to this song you will also notice that you will feel it troughout your whole body, the vibes catch you with the power of ROOTS ROCK REGGAE that has been given to us by Jah Almighty.

Rasta Soldier is a must have for everyone that loves positive music. Troughout the 6 great and powerful songs Macka B gives not only teachings but also an idea about how he as a person is. I hope you will enjoy this masterpiece as must as I have enjoyed it.

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