Review: Miriam Simone – Follow My Dreams(EP)

There is a lot of talent in the world that we live in. Talent will always be seen also by others that may not even be interested in your side of the business. Meaning that even if you do not like Reggae music, you will love this EP by Miriam Simone, simply for the fact that she has got the voice of an angel.

The EP was released today and WorldaReggae took the time to review this beauty that is a MUSTHAVE in your collection. As Miriam stated herself, this EP contains songs that reflects Miriam as a person. 7 Beautiful songs where she expresses her emotions on a honest and powerful yet poetical way.

Follow My Dreams

Rather Have Jah

A Gospel song that has been put into a Reggae jacket. That is mostly possible with these genres, because they are both very spiritual. Starting out with this song on her EP gives you a big piece of her state of mind. Spiritual needs above material needs, that is what she means when singing “I rather have Jahweh then silver and gold”. With that in mind and also that this song is the start of a musical but also spiritual journey on her EP you will start to hear the second song which is already a hit coming to you troughout your speakers…


When negative emotions take the upperhand in your life you might step back from certain situations, some might write it down others might hit the gym. Artists with talent put these emotions into words and into a song. Dissapointed is the result of one of these situations. “I guess it was wrong to believe in you”, the beauty of the song lays in the simplicity of the lyrics. When you listen to this track you can put yourself in the same place as Miriam and see the whole situation infront of you. If you listen closely to the song, you can hear the influence of Roots Reggae music in the background, which basicly completes this song.

I Love You (featuring Jamelody)

The first feeling I had listening to the first couple of seconds was that feeling when you were inlove for the first time. The love that comes out of the vibe that Miriam and Jamelody have put on track there is simply amazing. You might not even call it a song, I don’t mean this in a negative way but in a way that it has been performed in a way where you actually hear two singers declaring love to eachother. By far one of the better love songs that we have heared untill now in the Reggae scene from any upcomming artist.

Solid Ground

The introduction of this song is by far my personal favorite of the whole EP. The flute brings you to another vibe on the EP, actually, back to the vibe that you had while listening the first song, Rather Have Jah. This song can ofcourse be interpreted in 2 ways, love for your men/woman or for the most high. The words in combination with this spiritual rootsy riddim is wonderful, expressing her love to a man that appreciates and respects her for the way she is.

Follow My Dreams

Miriam wants to follow her dreams. She is on a good way, untill now you have heared several songs about several subjects but this song….this song actually is what the EP is about. She can’t please everyone, nor can anyone in this world. What Miriam really says in this song/EP is that she is following her dreams or as most artists call it, on a mission. She is on a mission to make wonderful music, not without any sacrifices, on the contrary, she has sacrificed a lot to come where she is now and yet still she rises.

When I hear a song on a CD/EP that has the same title as the album itself I mostly expect a short conclusion of the whole album, doesn’t matter how as long as it is done in the end. Follow My Dreams(track) has done that.

You Know How To Love (featuring Fyakin)

A love song, more uptempo with her good friend Fyakin. A total different song then I Love You with Jamelody, I personally think because Fyakin and Miriam have been friends for quite a while and you sense that trougout the music. 2 People telling eachother to love and support eachother unconditionally, is something beautiful and to hear that on such a riddim is even better. A bit more uptempo then the other songs on the EP, actually the most uptempo song. The words, “I treat her fine cause I am always there”, let’s say that that’s just a great example for all Kings to live by while meeting their Queen.


My favorite song of the EP. This song, you should listen it alone in a place where you are at peace. It is such a powerful, beautiful and emotional song. The power of Miriam her beautiful clear voice which will give you ghostbumps. One of the most moving songs where the most high is being praised, don’t look suprised if you catch yourself on dropping a few tears while listening to it cause that is most normal to be honest with you. The way Miriam lowers herself for Jah by calling herself “just a sinner” that just wants to reach a tree. That is the best lesson on this EP that she is trying to give us listeners. We are making mistakes every single day, yet he loves us so much.

Give Thanks To Di Almighty!

Download the EP for free(1st week only) Following My Dreams



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