REVIEW: Queen Omega – We Aspire Together We Achieve

‘Together we aspire, together we achieve’, was established by the late first Prime Minister Dr Eric Williams, when Trinidad and Tobago achieved independence in 1962.

Yet as you can see, Trinidad and Tobago is printed on the background of the cover of this almost free downloadable EP. The EP has got 7 songs on it and it is being produced by Greatest Friends Records.

Queen Omega is known for her powerful lyrics that are full of righteousness and spiritual messages. It is a joy to listen to her voice on any riddim, just one of those artists who could do nothing but good on any riddim. Well, if you don´t want to pay the $ 4,99 for the EP before you got a review, then sit back and read our opinion about this great artist.

Hold Meditation, yes, you read it correctly, Queen Omega starts off her CD with a strong song about the importance of mediation and holding that meditation troughout the power of the healing herb we know as “ganja”. “Blaze, Blaze, Blaze ” singing, almost begging you to join her in her meditation troughout the herb to ease the mind and just take a minute for yourself and your faith to think put your mind to rest. Let me get this straight, she is not just promoting the use of this herb as rebelism, no, she promotes it because she strongly believes and knows that the use of this herb will improve and helps your meditation draw to perfection. A great opening with a very clear and direct message of a CD wich makes you curious to the next song that is called….

Papa Works Hard, my personal favorite song of the EP. The riddim really takes me away, listen the song a couple of times first before you pay attention to the lyrics cause it really is a great riddim. Believe me, it took me over 30 minutes to do this song, I kept replaying it and replaying it!!

A song, with a clear, strong, true and powerful message, “if you want the money work hard for it”. It’s a hard time we are living in these days and we need to work harder then hard for our money, speaking about the parents that have double jobs to keep their head up. A tune that puts your mind back to reality, these days parents normally have to work both or incase Queen Omega tells us, the father has a double job. Why? Cause there needs to be someone to check the kids….yes, like I told you, at first you will dream away on the riddim like I did. Then….when you pay attention to the lyrics your mind will give you a pinch and it will make you meditate about it.

Media’s Corruption a powerful tool of babylon itself. Used to corrupt people their minds and hearts. Singing about the way the media twists stories and manipulates people their vision by broadcasting confusing and one sided stories. Instead of showing the “beauty of Mama Africa” they show corruption and babylon works. Manipulation is something that is going on without most of us noticing it, yet the Queen sends out her warnings troughout the world with this massive BIG TUNE named MEDIA’S CORRUPTION

Reggae Ambassada a club tune, we haven’t got enough time to pull this song up! A BAD riddim, military like, with the power of lyrics from a female, in the form of Queen Omega! She calls herself a revolutionist on the microphone, we totally agree with her, she does bring something new and revolutionlike in every song that she voices. Promoting her own skills that the almighty as she says it herself has given her. Don’t call her a local artist, no Queen Omega is an Reggae Ambassador in every meaning of the word.
A song that can be rated best if you would take in mind a rap song that is full with conscious punchlines. That is what she does, a conscious song that ends up more then just a song with punchlines but with a message and a great feeling to it.

My Love Can’t Wait…4 conscious tunes and then all of a sudden a collab with Prince Theo, don’t worry she can take it! You can feel the love chemistry troughout the song between these 2 artists making it look like a real lovestory between “you and your partner”. “I wanna hold you, squeeze you tight”, that’s probably what you wanna do when you miss someone extremely and you long for that person, well that is exactly what the Queen wants to tell you.

No Waste No Time featuring Ras Mac Bean, a song about the reality we live in. The true concern that both Queen and Ras have for the youths of these days. It is a very dangerous time with a lot of seduction, the devil is working the earth like a hunter as they say it. A generation that will have a harder time then any before them, therefor “Don’t Waste No Time”. Teach them the teachings of the most high so they in the end will be save.
What a beautiful and honest message full of love and justice!

Is this EP worth buying? Well, we think we answered that question by reviewing the songs. What are you waiting for?

  1. Hold Meditation
  2. Papa Works Hard
  3. Media’s Corruption
  4. Reggae Ambassada
  5. My Love Can’t Wait(featuring Prince Theo)
  6. No Time To Waste(featuring Ras Mac Bean)
  7. Hold Meditation(Reggae Version)

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