Review : Ziggi Recado – Therapeutic

I’ve always seen Ziggi Recado as a spreader of good, peaceful and highly meditating music, and after spending two years listening again again and again (without being tired, do I need to precise?) to his former albums, EPs and hits such as Mary, Liberation, Pure n divine, Jah Alone, My everything (to name a few)… Here’s the brand-new album.

Therapeutic is a fantastic word because you can read it in different ways. As a therapy for the artist himself, as he can put all he feels, thinks and lives into his art (readable by others or not) and liberate his mind, heart and soul. But as well a therapy for listeners as we often say music soothes the soul. It could be a way for an artist to care himself, or give listeners opportunities to find answers to their existencials questions… or both. But whatever it is, everyone will read it the way they feel and give or get something from the other (or both). All that to say… From the beginning, this album is very positive.


Tracklist :
1. Masquerade
2. Got It Right Here
3. Miss Outta Road
4. Talk About
5. Luv Injection
6. I’m Blaak
7. Don’t Disturb
8. Earthstrong ft. Midnite
9. Delete My Numba
10. Jah Mercy ft. Taranchyla & Earl 16
11. Ras Got Love
12. Guide Ova ft. Lutan Fyah
13. Nah Know Bout U


Babylon recruits fi di circus, and di puppets a fulfill dem purpose, this is a masquerade. Just for you to know where we’re all before we move forward. There’s always in Ziggi‘s projects this part of reality, a bit rude but so true, there to remind you where you start, what you can’t deny, before introducing the strong positive and loving lyrics. Doesn’t matter what rumors or fake news people are spreading, all of them are demystified in Talk About. Everything clear, warning sent, time to load the Chalice Cup before we go further. Please Don’t Disturb, u nuh see mi eyes red?

High meditation brings you deep in this black man’s soul, a place where love and loyalty seem to be a very important item you can put in your basket. Whatever you need, he Got it right there. Whether you spend your time like Miss Outta Road or not, come get your Luv Injection from Dr Ziggi. If you’re not interested, well, the solution seems to be Delete his numba.

What we finally understand, is that this whole therapy he’s doing, and offering you, is supported by the strong faith and love of this Rasta Man to his Lord. We get to a point where he shares with us his keys to consciousness and awareness , chanting the blessings that are in range. We’re glad to hear the great Earl16 and Taranchyla, as much as Lutan Fyah, on the mystical odes Guide Ova and JAH mercy, supported by the Nyabinghi. Very interesting combination with Midnite on Earthstrong, the sweetness of Benjamin Vaughn‘s voice brings a deeper vibe to the message, making it a powerful tune.


Well, this is constant from him from an album to an other, this ability to put in words and songs the meditation. The production are very supportive to the lyrics, a very interesting mix between the instruments and the lyrics. Sounds like what we could expect from a Ziggi Recado album, there’s actually this indescribable common line and harmony between the riddim and his voice, that allows you to know from the beginning that he had to sing on it. Very nice album, to listen carefully, as there are so many levels of interpretation, and deep meditation.

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