Drumwise Debuts with “Reflection Riddim”

With over a decade of experience working various Reggae acts, musician/producer Drumwise a.k.a Calvin Canha announces his debut album “Reflection Riddim” dropping later this summer via Greenstone and his newly created Drumwise label. Produced entirely by Calvin Canha, “Reflection Riddim” celebrates the traditional Jamaican juggling culture and features powerhouse reggae artists Peetah Morgan, Jemere Morgan, Through The Roots, The Steppas, Fiji, Siaosi, Gavinchi Brown and more.

Born and raised in Maui, Hawaii, Calvin Canha is a musician, producer and media hyphenate who channels his creativity through music and visual arts. A true veteran of the scene, Canha began performing in various reggae bands starting in 2004 and has been working as a producer, studio drummer, and touring musician ever since. As a professional drummer and producer for over a decade, he has worked with award-winning musicians and traveled both domestically and internationally for the likes of acclaimed reggae artists JBoog, Mike Love, Inna Vision, The Late Ones, Kolohe Kai, Lion Fiyah, Landon McNamara, Kimie Miner, Paula Fuga and many more.

“Reflection Riddim” is a beautifully crafted compilation that showcases the diverse talents and sounds that exist in the global reggae community. Created amidst a global pandemic, each song on the album tells a unique story. Canha explains the title,

“2020 was a tough year for everyone, and as I listened to each of the finished songs I realized how much of that was reflected in the music. Each of the artists were going through very different things throughout the making of this album and each song tells a very unique story. It felt like I was holding a mirror up to each artist through the riddim and they reflected their story or message in my production. The artistry itself informed the title, so I decided to call the project “Reflection Riddim.””

Though Canha began production for “Reflection Riddim” in March 2020, the concept of the album and producing an authentic, Jamaican juggler has been on his bucket list for over 10 years. Canha states, “I wanted to pay homage to the juggling style and culture with artists who are both close friends as well as artists that I’ve looked up to.” With touring and live performances cancelled due to COVID, Canha decided to channel his energy and creativity into creating his debut album. 

Canha recorded all of the instruments from his home studio in Kaimukī, except for the drums, which were recorded at Blue Planet Sound in Kalihi. The entire album was mastered by Canha’s close friend Noah Cronin of Sea Major Seven studio in Kalihi Valley.

For over 10 years, Calvin Canha has produced music for amazing Reggae artists. Now, Canha is proud to present his very first album under his own imprint Drumwise label.