Real People Music releases Buff Baff Riddim

The first release of Real People Music is the Buff Baff Riddim, an original early Dancehall style juggling inspired by Gregory Isaac’s albums Out Deh and Night Nurse. Recorded at studios like Tuff Gong and Alborosie’s Shengen Studio in Kingston and Berlin the instrumental, a creation by Alex “Drummie” Domhoever, is reminiscent of Roots Radics’ and the Taxi Gang’s sound characterized by analogue instruments and Simmons drums. 

The first single Empress Sativa by Duane Stephenson & Lutan Fyahwill be released on May 10. The rest of the Riddim selection is scheduled for release on May 17.

About Real People music:

Music is more than the right melodies, keys and beats. The creation of sound and art is always a form of personal expression, creativity and emotion, something you want to do with the right people, Real People. That is the idea and concept behind Real People Music. Founded in 2018 by drummer and producer Alex “Drummie” Domhoever, and his partner, media designer and journalist Ursula “Munchy” Muench *Reggaeville’s Munchy), this new label wants to go beyond production, releases, technicalities and numbers. 

Jamaica is dearest to the heart of the two founders and so is the island’s music, they want to create not just with the right tones and patterns but with real talents, artists and musicians that put just as much heart and honesty in their works as the label owners. Real People Music is set to recognize the difference passion, commitment and skills make, uncompromising and regardless of hype and figures, to bring nothing but best quality and authentic Jamaican sounds by Real People for Real People. Real People Music hopes you Recognize The Difference, too!