The PassOver Riddim (September 2011)

The JahLight Records team consists of executive members, Akeunde Pemberton, Sherlon Jackson and Kendell Arnold, each fulfilling particular roles and responsibilities. In February of 2010, inspired of God, JahLight Records was born; its name meaning Light Of God. With their vision of being recognised as more than a studio but rather a record label, the JahLight Records music company specialises not only in music production but also music promotion, marketing and artist management. The team’s mission is to use music as a vehicle to communicate a positive message to help strengthen and edify the world.

Prior to its official opening, the JahLight Records team worked with other studios promoting their songs, which saw the collaborative effort with producer GMaster, which spurred the Freedom Riddim in 2008. It became a hit in Trinidad and soon spread abroad where two of our tracks by artists Royal Dainties and Gounzman, were selected to be on California’s Project Groundation’s ‘Down in the Ghetto, The Mixtape Album‘, which was released in digital and retail stores worldwide.

After releasing a slew of riddims, for example: the New Day and Mount Zion I Riddim, in 2011 they are going to release one of their most prolific projects, the PassOver Riddim. This project features ten international reggae artists including, Queen Omega with the powerful title track, ‘Passover’, Fyakin with song of praises in ‘High High’ and Wild Life with the love song, ‘No Drama’. They are joined by the likes of hard hitting artists such as Revelation, with the warning in ‘The Plague Is Coming’, Jah Servant with the inspirational ‘Petty Thief’, Matthew Greenidge Feat Rincher, with their strong ‘Burn to Learn,’ Roxy Singh on the compelling ‘Jah Light will Shine’, RasLett with the enchanting ‘Revolution’, Dainjamental with the controversial ‘Bun a Gossiper and Zebulun Feat King Solomon on the solid ‘Seek and Find.’

JahLight Records management explains that, ‘In this project we aim to take the people back into the biblical story of how with a mighty and powerful hand the Lord God saved the Israelites, his people, from the bondage of the evil Pharaoh, through Moses. On that night God judged Egypt as He smote all the first born in the land, passing over all the doors with doorposts covered with the lamb’s blood. Hence the project’s name. It is written in the scriptures that Christ, the Lamb of God, is the new Passover; the sacrifice. So whoever hasn’t applied His blood on the ‘doorsteps’ of their hearts for the forgiveness of sins shall be vulnerable to the judgement of God’.
The PassOver Riddim is truly a work of art. The production is solid and the hard work put into this project via the engineers and artists is hard to overlook. JahLight Records is a label that surely is different and it is exciting to see the influence they will have with this musical direction they have chosen. The PassOver Riddim Compilation will be released on digital stores worldwide on September 12thth 2011. The medley video is also soon to be released. Listen and feel the passion on this one. Don’t you miss it.

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