Them Muzzle Ya – Thierry

Thierry presents his first single, Them Muzzle Ya. This is the first release from the Congolese-born, Italy-based singer, drummer, and composer, ahead of his debut album Asante. It’s a taste of the high quality that characterizes the full project. 

The key ingredients are Thierry’s African heritage, his love for roots reggae, the work of top musicians, and an authentic mix and mastering in Jamaica, to create this promising work.

Them Muzzle Ya has a fresh and innovative sound, with deep roots reggae at its soul. For both the single and album, Thierry has taken care of every detail of this production: meticulous arrangements, precise, elaborate harmonies and horns, and a well-balanced dub.

Thierry’s characteristic raspy voice sings about the mask we are forced to wear every day, describing it as the oldest and most effective form of slavery. “Discovering who we are will be our greatest strength, realising that we are always the best version of ourselves will be our greatest weapon” he explains “Let’s take off the mask and finally start living.”

Thierry doesn’t believe in boundaries, and he applies this philosophy to the creation of his music. This is demonstrated by the international gathering of artists and technicians for the project. The single was recorded at Mushroom Studio in Italy, produced, mixed, and mastered at Anchor Studios in Kingston 7 by Grammy Awards winner Delroy Phatta Pottinger, edited by Lucia Chankersingh of Rising Roots Entertainment, and is published by Thierry’s label, 333 Music Lab.

Them Muzzle Ya is now available on digital platforms and the video clip will be released on May 9th.