Ticking Bomb – Paolo Baldini DubFiles feat. Mellow Mood, Lasai & Zacky Man

Paolo Baldini DubFiles, one of the most popular producers on the international reggae scene, is back with a new single, Ticking Bomb.

Ticking Bomb is a classic dancehall-style song in which 4 singers – Italy’s Mellow Mood, Spain’s Lasai and Portugal’s Zacky Man – pass the microphone, spitting rapid fire lyrical rhymes with decidedly and deliberately self-deprecating themes.

The battleground for the confrontation is Paolo Baldini Dubfiles’ new Kaolack rhythm. It uses a sample which, like the producer’s previous single Ask Them, draws on the music of sub-Saharan ritual dances, and is the thread along which the whole musical plot develops. As with the previous release, the Kaolack rhythm represents a new sonic and musicological journey, with the constant aim of mixing tradition and modernity.

The sample becomes a loop, which becomes a mantra of sorts, from which a dancehall rhythm develops, drawing on contemporary urban sounds and future beats.

Ticking Bomb is released via La Tempesta Dub and is available on digital platforms.

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