UB40 Releases 'Collected' Album at Universal Music

In 1978 a group of unemployed schoolfriends in the UK decides to start a band. They call themselves UB40, after the “Unemployment Benefit form 40”, the all unfortunately all know to well. The muisc the start to make is, in contrast with the atmosphere in those days, uplifting and fresh, but has a clear message. The Band scores a big hit with “Food for thought” and tours with Chryssie Hynde, the beginning of something big! Throughout the years the band evolves into a fantastic live band. Now 25 years later they released the 3 Disk collection “Collected”.

The first 2 CD;s contain a catalog of their biggest hits and CD 3 is filled with less now tracks, colaborations and live recordings.

Amust have for the UB40 fan!


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