Abka Kaba – Are You Ready

A brand new video by Abka Kaba formerly know as Sheldon Senior Called Are You Ready.

Are You Ready, speaks about being ready for the revolution of righteousness over evil and recalls some of the colonial wrongs that have been done to the African race in history and continues in many ways today. He also uses his lyrics to remind his listeners of the importance of retribution and reconstruction. Its a call for Africans to unit given the pressing need to do so, by using the powers and skills that is innately present in all humans. Using lyrics and metaphorical expressions, he skillfully navigates through the curves of singing and DJing to create a seamless portrait of his story.
One that his listeners will find irresistible.

His lyrics are hard-hitting yet, melodious and catchy to listen. His blend of optimism and solution is refreshing to hear. It gives the song a different dimension and appeal. The tracks have a heavy and pronounced bassline with a marching like tempered drum pattern, swinging into the mix is also steel pans and systematic strummings of both guitars and keys. Inflexion of techno effects springles the arrangement to create a musical experience called “Are Your Ready”.

Producer: Kahinga Records And Daddy Redds