Alchemist – Yaksta (Music Video)

Probably Jamaica’s hottest artist coming out of jamaica now, Yaksta released a new visual for “Alchemist“, the 1st Track off his Debut Album ‘22’. Produced by Hapilos Records / GTAC Entertainment Group LL / Bush Music

After announcing that he has recorded over 400 songs in preparation for the selection process for his debut album titled ‘22’, Yaksta released the first single today. The single ‘Alchemist’, produced by Hapilos Records, features Yaksta’s signature style and showcases his undeniable talent as a musician.

The lyrics to the song is profound and encouraging, leaving a positive long-lasting impression on listeners. ‘Alchemist’, represents the protagonist of the story, Yaksta, using the elements of life to create wonders. He notes, “The song is about elevation, the things I’ve been through, and the things I’m now achieving in abundance”. Based on the success he managed to amass over the years, the ‘Bush -Lawd’ believes the chemistry within the studio and among his colleagues lead to him “creating wonders out of nothing”.

When asked about the significance of releasing ‘Alchemist’ first from his 18-track album,
Yaksta explained, “Initially, it wasn’t the single set for release, but the video was shot and
completed first. Since it already aligns well with the direction of the album, we decided to run
with it. Additionally, the message in the song is one of growth and elevation, so being able to
acknowledge my blessings is always a great start”. He added in reference to his album, ‘22’,
“We are all the protagonists of our story. This single, like many songs on the album, will surely
make an impact on people who understand spirituality as it has a blend of gothic, modern
reggae, and dancehall with a twist of trap”.