Always With You – Katchafire (Lyric Video)

Legendary Maori reggae rockers KATCHAFIRE singer Logan Bell said “ ”Always With You” is essentially a love song, but beyond that, it’s a song that talks about commitment and companionship. It could be a song about you and your dog, it could be a song about you and a workout buddy that without fail you meet with three days a week – that special someone that you shared a part of your life with, that you share a relationship with. You might not have seen each other for a long time but when you do all the love comes rushing back in tenfold. I look at creatures of monogamy who are the perfect example of what this song is about… cherishing your loved ones.”
KATCHAFIRE has crafted a universal vibe with their sound built on foundations of classic roots reggae, R’n’B, funk and modern dancehall fused with slinky pop, cool grooves and uplifting vibes.
With six successful albums, multiple awards, platinum sales, hit singles, and a massive fanbase selling out shows around the globe, 2022 saw KATCHAFIRE celebrating 25 years of existence bringing their pure classic sound to music lovers worldwide.

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