Behave Your Mouth – Jah Tung & Kabaka Pyramid (Music Video)

Behave Your Mouth is a bouncy rockers piece, with punchy drums and wavy hook lines, featuring the lyrical mastermind, Grammy winner Kabaka Pyramid, who brings a strong energy and rhythmic dynamic to the song, complementing Jah Tung’s smooth and catchy melodies. The cinematic video pays tribute to the 1978 classic Jamaican film Rockers, with a condensed interpretation of the plot, directed by AutoBars Ent & Triple 4 Vision. The video, starring actor One Ifari and introducing Indu & Shaka, was filmed by Antonio Bennett & edited by Marvin Hinds.

Behave Your Mouth is the third single from Jah Tung’s debut, self-produced album Digital Degeneration, releasing on the Evidence Music label and featuring some big names in the reggae diaspora! Available everywhere:

“My self-produced album, Digital Degeneration, was born from my realization that, rather than running from the digital sound I was limited to, by means of my recording equipment and software, I should embrace the abilities of the digital tools and simply balance it with a few analog recordings and samples where necessary. The title track, Digital Degeneration, is a commentary on a society moving towards an unnatural, dystopian future, […covering creation with dem synthetic imitation].” – Jah Tung