Blessed Love – Isiah Shaka (Music Video)

Blessed Love‘ is the new single from Isiah Shaka. This new extract from the forthcoming REBEL-LION album is a gentle acoustic ballad. Subversive in essence, ‘Blessed Love‘ is a musical offering for our uncertain times. A call to invoke the power of empathy to break down every wall erected, shaped by fear and hatred.

Over delicate guitar chords played by his brother ‘Black Gipsy‘, the singer evokes the unique bond that unites us with others, and thus with our own humanity. A moment of intimacy as we try to find our balance, a little inner peace in this crazy world. The lovely Heran (kemetic yoga) illustrates the video shot in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

As Marley said: ‘Fight the devil with this thing called love’.