Cali P x TEKA – People Want More

Cali P x TEKA’s colorful and distinctive music video for “People Want More” shows Cali P from his energetic side, chopping broccoli, dancing, and jumping in the clouds. The song is featured on their latest release, “Vizion II”. The video for this cannabis hymn, created by Tim Foresta (director) & Jonathan Gehlen (art director), captures the singer in surreal surroundings. The fast cuts emphasize Teka‘s powerful steppers beat. With lots of love for details, the crew around the producer created a green and cloudy wonderland for Cali P to feel at home.

In his lyrics, he points out that while cannabis is being legalized in America and several parts of South America and Europe, it is still under the death penalty in places like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Dubai. During his long career, Cali P has often endorsed the benefits of cannabis and its legalization on multiple events. Next year Cali P will be the host of the Cannatrade fair in Switzerland for the third time.

Cali P x TEKA’s EP „Vizion II“ has just been released on LowLow Records.

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