Caterpillars Can Fly – Agent Sasco Ft. The LC Show (Lyric Video)

‘Caterpillars Can Fly’ is the outcome of a request by author Alvin Day of Agent Sasco to write and produce a song that would reflect the 7 universal laws from his book, as a musical piece to further help to ignite a burning passion for excellence in the minds of his readers, adults and children alike. Speaking of adults and children, the song is a vocal mixture of Agent Sasco and his 10-year-old daughter LC aka the LC Show. This is the first time they have actually recorded a song together and the raspy bellows of her dad are polished by the youthful and refined notes laid out by LC; a combination listeners will surely beg to be repeated.

By Ariel McFarlane

The song begins with a profound quotevoiced by Alvin Day himself which says, ‘just like the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, you too were born to fly’. Day is known as the Navigator because of his mastery in leadership leverage coaching for organizations around the world and his affinity with flying.

The song is simple in its structure and composition, and powerful in its message. Agreat deal of time was afforded for insight, ideas and execution to bring forth the harvest of this beautiful fruit of a song. Initial discussions to the final delivery of the track took 97 days. Agent Sasco even took time to put pen to paper for this one; circumventing his usual method of free-flowing from his mental conveyor belt of lyrics. Credit must be given to musical heavyweights Chris Birch, Elton Brown, Sherieta Lewis and Chevaughn Clayton who all pitched in to aid LC and the Agent with this symbolic arrangement of lyrics, harmonies and instruments.

I was born with everything I need to be me
With wings inside my mind to set me free
I know I’ve got vision, more than my eyes can see
And I know, I rule my destiny

So no matter how hard you try
No you can never change my mind 
I know if caterpillars can fly, so can I
(So can I), So can I yeah, (so can I)
I know if caterpillars can fly, so can I

These words of motivation are an indication that no matter our circumstances, we have the ability in us to develop, transition and take flight on our chosen paths in life.

Mr. Day’s book ‘If Caterpillars Can Fly, So Can I’ shares his experiences growing up in Jamaica with the life lessons of his granny and their universal translations and applications outside of the island. “In this human race, I was born far behind the starting line. I was barefoot and penniless for my first twenty years – without electricity, running water or social status. Yet, today I live in great abundance with purpose and passion – sheer contrast to my yesterday” states Mr. Day. The book leads to the understanding that you can conquer adversities and move toward the accomplishment of your greatest dreams; all that is needed is the right approach.

Day expressed deep appreciation for his Business Manager, Captain Calvin Hunter, whose vision and diligence made this project come alive. Captain Calvin worked closely with Agent Sasco’s Manager, Marlon Burke, to move the project from a vision to reality. 

Digital copies of the book were donated to all 26,000 teachers in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information as a teachers’ day gift in early May. With May also being child month, the idea was to release this song on National Children’s day in honour of our children; with the vision of bringing positive change to their thinking and self-esteem.