Clatta Bumboo – Heartache (Music Video)

The Common mind pre occupied with the humdrum existence over looks the symbols of control and more so, who prescribed said symbols and the intended effects of total ownership of “The Free” through voluntary function. Who is to be blamed? When it is us that exist with eyes wide shut. “Heartache” taken from the Future Water EP; Clatta Bumboo’s seven track project released under the control of Black River Sonics (All Rights Reserved) August 28,2020 and distributed by Zojack World Wide; remain a heavy hitting reminder that the system is designed to own. Produced by Djim Job (Music of Job) at Music Matter Studio, Pawtucket RI. Original audio was mixed and mastered by Rohan Dwyer. Official Video was shot in Providence RI by Matthew Osubor and edited by PrestolRD. Song Written and Performed Clatta Bumboo.