Dada Yute – Rototom City

Dada Yute – Rototom City
Riddim producers: Kin Riddimz and Jah Youth Production
Riddim:Westend Sun Riddim
video footage: La gotera

A small city that never sleeps, where everything is possible and people from different cultures come from all over the world to share experiences and live together to celebrate life itself: an old dream come true. That is how the Brazilian artist Dada Yute presents the Rototom Sunsplash in his tune ‘Rototom City’, a song that he dedicated to the reggae festival.

He sings about the different stages, the unique atmosphere of areas like the African Village and the entertaining dance classes on the SunBeach, as well as the good vibes of the campsite and the sessions in the Reggae University, the activities for children and the food from around the world. In a little over four minutes Dada Yute describes what you can get up to from the morning until the early hours, with activities for all age groups.

Dada Yute, on the Showcase Stage. Photo: Carlo Crippa.

All the result of his time at the festival last year, when he performed on the Showcase Stage, the stage dedicated to emerging artists and groups, which inspired him to write this song that he released in April.

“The truth is that it was one of the best and most intense experiences of my career on the reggae scene”, claims Dada Yute, who started to compose the tune last year, while he walked from the concert venue to his van on the last day of the festival. Once back in Brazil he recorded the song and now Rototom Sunsplash, as a part of its commitment to promoting new reggae talent, decided to thank him by producing a video to go with the song.


It is not the only song that artists who participated in the festival have dedicated to Rototom. In 2009, when finally the problems being faced by Rototom Sunplash obliged it to abandon Italy, Alborosie composed a song to support the festival called ‘Rototom Free’, which has become an anthem. Giallo Man also dedicated the song ‘Piange la libertà’ to the festival for the same reasons, while Train to Roots did likewise with ‘Is Not A Crime’.

Mellow Mood has also chipped in with the release last year of the song ‘Innocent like Rototom’ to celebrate the festivals acquittal after long bitter years of struggle against political persecution, resulting from the Fini-Giovanardi Law, which allowed the Rototom Sunsplash to be criminalised to such an extent that it was forced to move to Spain.