Dancehall Artist Agent Sasco New Single 'Day In Day Out' Speaks for the People

These days, despite your nationality, race or religion everyone seems to be going through some rough times. Whether you reside in the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, UK, Africa, or Australia you know a friend or family member currently going through some financial hardship or living pay check to pay check. Not knowing how the next bill will be paid or how they will face their landlord next month seems to be the current situation for millions of people worldwide.

International dancehall artist Agent Sasco new single ‘Day In Day Out’ is so refreshing and speaks to the heart of so many people. The lyrics, begins Day in Day Out, I’m trying to find a away out, it seems there is always a trap, it seems like four steps forward and five steps back”. Immediately, the listener is able to understand and connect with the message Agent Sasco is delivering. The riddim is so calm, allowing you to reflect, listen and relate.

Agent Sasco demanding vocals are accompanied by the strumming of chords & keys, which compliments the humming chorus at the beginning of the song. Not the usual up-tempo dancehall song, ‘Day In Day Out‘ provides us with a sense of hope despite all the day to day obstacles.

After the solid first verse Agent Sasco starts his second verse with hard hitting lyrics of reality mixed with hope.

“I dont want much, my only desire is fi just keep mi pot pon di fire, clothes pon me back, respectable attire and fi be a father figure for my youths dem acquire, but its like against me the system conspire to keep me down in the muck and di mire, Cause see it deh now mi just get fire, Police gone with the car, it all wah tire, But i keep faith in a di Messiah, mi gwan read mi bible, mi gwan say mi prayer”  

Whether experiencing rough times, stressed by day to day life occurrences or not sure whether next month rent will be paid, ‘Day In Day Out’ gives listeners a voice and sense of hope. Produced by Unga from Notnice Productions, the riddim is an exclusive one chord progression, stumbled upon by Agent Sasco himself while learning to play the guitar and perfected by Ungar.  Agent Sasco lyrics are profound and meaningful, each verse speaking of circumstances so many can relate to. As Agent Sasco gets ready to shoot the video for this single take a listen for yourself.

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