Djanta ft Raging Fyah – Election Time

With Election Time, DJANTA chose to come back during the French presidential campaign with a meaningful protest song.

« Election Time Again, Deception Time Again… »

Like many of his contemporaries, Djanta is fed up with politics and laments the fact that every election always carries a great share of deception: broken promises, breaches of trust, corruption and others media maneuvers coming from so-called “elites” totally disconnected from reality.

By singing in English, DJANTA wishes to bring to light to everyone, and far beyond France’s borders, the concern and the shame and that many French people feel currently while witnessing the campaign. To illustrate his new single, the singer trusted once more the talented artist-designer Florian Weigel. Together, they decided to pay homage to Bob Marley’s song Rat Race and the animated video recounts, in a satirical manner, that unhealthy race for power. They are doing it with humor and also a bit of nostalgia as they make a nod to a famous video game—an artistic choice too rare in the reggae genre.

For ELECTION TIME, DJANTA once more worked with his Jamaican allies, amongst whom Dameon “DX” Gayle, co-producer of his first album Conscious Entertainer. The track was recorded in the legendary Tuff Gong studio (created by Bob Marley) in Kingston with the musicians of the band Raging Fyah, nominated at the 2017 Grammy Awards—no less.