DUB INC – On est ensemble VIDEO

Always eager for challenges, Dub inc is back with a new track in which the band has reinvented itself. On est ensemble (we are together) is surprising for its new sounds as well as the production of its highly cinematic video in a dark, urban setting.

“On ne joue pas de rôle, Toujours hors contrôle, Ensemble et encore traités comme du bétail. Que personne ne s’affole, On fait bouger les codes, Même aux antipodes le système déraille !” (“We do not play a role, Always out of control, Together and still treated like cattle. Don’t you worry, We’re grooving outside the box, On all sides of the pond, the system is going down!”) This is how Bouchkour sets the tone of On est Ensemble, Dub Inc’s surprising latest tune: a big kick in the anthill of clichés, and a true renewal.

When giving the track a first spin, you may feel unnerved by some tones that do not necessarily sound like reggae, and surprised by the richness of these new musical colors. But you will most probably feel immediately transported by this unifying chant, perfectly reflecting the social urgency of the times. Ultra-connected to topical issues, the seven Saint-Etienne-based band members thus recall the economic, societal, and climatic changes that have to be tackled as quickly as possible.

To illustrate the significance of this rallying in a society which is sometimes tainted by individualism, the band has chosen to work again with Florin Defrance (who already directed Triste époque back in 2016) on an imagery which looks very different from “traditional” reggae footage. Immersed in a stifling and somewhat torpid atmosphere, the On est ensemble video has more to do with the world of Smells Like Teen Spirit or Fight Club than with Jamaican beaches. The artists chant their message of unity in the middle of an audience which is not always eager to respond, incidentally coming across characters with striking faces.

As they are currently preparing for new dates, both in France and abroad, Dub Inc delights their fans with a long-awaited tune from their next album, which will doubtlessly be colorful and daring.

Dub inc will be on the road touring venues and festivals from the end of the month, with more than 45 shows planned until the end of the year, including 5 already sold out:

31/05/2019 – La Vapeur / Dijon (France) SOLD OUT
01/06/2019 – Le Jardin du Michel / Toul (France)
02/06/2019 – Luberon Music Festival / Apt (France)
07/06/2019 – Yda Vuelta / Perpignan (France)
08/06/2019 – Emmaüs Lescar Pau (France)  
29/06/2019 – La Nuit de l’Erdre / Nort-sur-Erdre (France)
05/07/2019 – Musa Cascais / Lisbonne (Portugal)
06/07/2019 – Summerjam Festival / Köln (Germany)
20/07/2019 – Festival de Néoules (France)
26/07/2019 – Ecaussysteme / Gignac (France)
27/07/2019 – Uppsala Reggae Festival / Uppsala (Sweden)
28/07/2019 – Reggae in Wulf / Friedberg (Germany)
01/08/2019 – Los Almiros Festival / Almiros (Greece)
03/08/2019 – Yzeures’n’Rock / Yzeures-sur-Creuse (France)
04/08/2019 – Reggae Sun Ska / Vertheuil (France) 
10/08/2019 – No Logo Festival / Fraisans (France)
11/08/2019 – Fête du bruit / Landerneau (France)
16/08/2019 – Festival des Vers Solidaires / St Gobain (France) 
17/08/2019 – Lowlands Festival / Biddinghuizen (Netherlands)
23/08/2019 – Uprising Festival / Bratislava (Slovakia) 
24/08/2019 – Venoge Festival / Penthalaz (Switzerland) 
10/10/2019 – Fiesta des Suds / Marseille (France)
11/10/2019 – Summum / Grenoble (France)
12/10/2019 – Festardor / Valencia (Spain) 
18/10/2019 – Bierhübeli / Bern (Switzerland) 
19/10/2019 – Bulles Sonores Festival / Limoux (France) 
24/10/2019 – Zénith / Montpellier (France) 
25/10/2019 – Nuits courtes / Fontenay le Compte (France) 
08/11/2019 – Melkweg / Amsterdam (Holland)
09/11/2019 – AB / Bruxelles (Belgium)
13/11/2019 – Transbordeur / Lyon (France) SOLD OUT
14/11/2019 – Cargo / Caen (France) 
15/11/2019 – L’Oasis / Le Mans (France)
16/11/2019 – Le 106 / Rouen (France) SOLD OUT
20/11/2019 – Le Bikini / Toulouse (France)
21/11/2019 – Razzmatazz / Barcelona (Spain) 
22/11/2019 – Sala But / Madrid (Spain)
05/12/2019 – Laiterie / Strasbourg (France) SOLD OUT
06/12/2019 – Aéronef / Lille (France)
07/12/2019 – Zénith / Paris (France)
13/12/2019 – Thônex Live / Genève (Switzerland)
14/12/2019 – Zénith / St Etienne (France) SOLD OUT
15/12/2019 – Zénith / St Etienne (France)