Energy – Natty and Kibir La Amlak (Live Dub Freestyle)

Recorded the day after their sold-out, immersive show in London on November 3rd, Natty and Kibir La Amlak entered the studio for an experimental first time with the idea to film/record an impromptu freestyle. ‘Energy’ is the result of this unique collaboration.

Rooted in the healing frequencies of Natty’s unique songwriting and the live dub mastery of Kibir La Amlak, this is a spiritual song that invites you on a transformative musical journey, asking you to “tune into your higher self” because “energy don’t lie.” Natty’s live instrumentation incorporates modern and ancient sounds including the bamboo flute, handpan and guitar. KLA’s on-the-fly, dub-wise production expertly captures and enhances the outpouring of musical medicine.

Take time for your personal health, embrace the journey this musical offering takes you on and share with those who could use some high frequency “ENERGY”

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