Fittest – Queen Omega (Music Video)

After a comeback in 2021 with her EP Stars Align, the Caribbean reggae ambassador Queen Omega returns stronger than ever 10 years after the release of her last album. For the occasion, she will unveil a new single on July the 8th – Fittest, the first from a new album to be released early 2023.

In an unequal world, where the weakest are in a constant state of vulnerability, Queen Omega sings of the struggle for survival, her powerful and penetrating voice affirming her words.

In this new single Fittest, the ambassador of reggae from Trinidad takes up one of the sacred themes of this musical current: survival in this world is a spiritual, mental and emotional war. It’s on an electrifying roots production that the intensity of the lyrics comes out even stronger. A title both motivating and combative, a perfect reflection of Queen Omega.

Fittest is subtitled in Swahili, a tribute to an African language that has traveled a lot, as far as Trinidad and Tobago. All the titles will always be translated into this language with thousand memories, a nod to her first origin: Africa.

And to accompany the release of Fittest, a clip signed by Hood takes you to the heart of Trinidad. Light on this activist artist who walks the streets of the city to spread her message, her strength and her energy without barriers of generation or gender. A video that is a reflection of Queen Omega, emerging from the shadows to make a comeback with an unwavering determination. A perfect start to this new project.

Fittest is available from July 8th on all digital platforms and the videoclip can be seen on YouTube.