Friction & The Raw Rhythm Section – Taki Taki Video

Friction & The Raw Rhythm Section: Taki Taki (Official Video 2017)

After the release of the audio-version of ‘Taki Taki’ a couple of months ago, the accompanying videoclip is finally out, and there’s no doubt the beautiful, colourful video is strengthening and intensifying the powerful message of the song.

In ‘Taki Taki’, a Surinam word for ‘talking’, Friction sings about people with a big mouth, and advices to stay humble, regardless the status or amount of money a person has. In the videoclip we see Friction in different circumstances (with his crew, as an African king and as the frontman of his band) while spreading the message of humbleness.

RAW Rhythm Records is an international rhythm collaboration crew set up by Bunnington Judah (UK) & Art Man (France), alongside a high-grade list of outernational musicians & players that are invited to the RAW recording sessions based in Amsterdam.

Vocals: Friction
Backing Vocals: CASiTA
Drums: Bunnington Judah
Organ: Art Man
Piano: Luca Bat
Bass: Vlad Krkljush
Guitar: Leon Christie
Binghi: Bunnington Judah

Recorded & Mixed by Kingsway
@ Earth Works Studio, Amsterdam