Gentleman – In My Arms (Official Videoclip + Lyrics)


So much things we’ve been waiting for
Obstacles come around what dem hating for
You and I together there’s no breaking cause we overjoyed

When I hold youn in my arms
I’m so captivated so fascinated by your charm
And no one can break it
And Jah Jah will take us throught the storm
And even when it’s cold outside I’ll be there to keep you warm

Hey baby girl you know that I love you
Hey can you feel the chemistry when I hug you
You know I’ll never put another girl above you
And I know I’ll never gind another love like you
And if I’m gone for a minute or few
Nobadda tink me ago leave you out in the dew
I’ll never leave you lonely girl I’ll never make you blue
You know I love to, hold you in my arms


Remembering those day what we call the undercover time
We couldn’t make a link we couldn’t say see another time
Back in the days when I wish you were mine
And I would have been in custody if loving was a crime
We persevere and now we push into overtime
Songs and secret letters add up more than to a thousand lines
Ring pon your finger now lokk how it a shine
I’m glad to say


You’re beautiful and skin soft like a cotton
For you I fight a war I woulda fight any battle
And nuff a try fi tear we down but that nuh go happen
And this love won’t be forgotten
We live the life we love and love the life we a live
And what’s interesting about us we learn to forgive
We coming from a far and now we cross over the bridge
And that’s just the wai it is

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