The Gideon & Selah – BADADENG REMIX

The Gideon & Selah – BADADENG REMIX (Official Video 2017)

New video clip of THE GIDEON feat SELAH (Jah Ova Evil) for the physical release of “Forever Judah” album: 3rd of March 2017.

Label : Batelier Records.
Artists: The Gideon ft Selah.
Prod and Mix: Flavour Production.
Recording studio: Jah Ova Evil Records.
Video Edit: HEFR Video Production.

Badadeng Remix is available in the EP “Forever Judah – Twins remix”, while the original version is part of the album “Jah Ova Evil – Forever Judah” published digitally in 2015 and soon available on CDs and Vinyls (March 2017).

This new track is the result of a strong collaboration between producer Djei GOGO from Flavour Production and Batelier Records, with the support of Jah Ova Evil collective: it is a great remix of “Badadeng” song where Djei GOGO smooths out the melody, while adding power to the bass and drums elements for the clubs, the overall is revealed by a mastering by Tom Coyne from Sterling Inc.

If you pay attention to the video, you will be able to find about 20 different artists such as Johnny Osbourne (JAM), Mellow Mood (IT), Big Famili (FR), Sista Carmen (United Flavour – CZ), Medial Banana (SK) or Gras with Riddim Colony (HU).

At the end of the video, Batelier Records is proposing an online contest introducing its artists through a video quiz where you can win a trip to Jamaica and meet The Gideon and Selah with the full “Jah Ova Evil” collective.