GunMan – Jaz Elise (Music Video)

Jaz Elise delivers her new reggae single ‘Gunman’. A cautionary ballad about being involved with a partner who’s living the street life.

“Gunman is a song that was initially born out of a freestyle session. There was a lot in my heart, just from being aware of what was going on in the news in Jamaica and then taking a deeper dive into how are affected by decisions The Gunman makes. There’s many layers of impact in the community but taking on the perspective of a loved one within the song really spoke to me. I’ve always want to convey real truths in my music and this song really captures that. My hope is that anyone hearing this will connect to it in their hearts as well as sonically.” – Jaz Elise

This is the second single from Jaz off her upcoming album, released on Ineffable Records in conjunction with Protoje’s In.Digg.Nation Collective label.

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