Harrison Stafford – Reggae Sun Ska Anthem

Nothing more appropriate than this “One Dance” cover that Harrison Stafford is offering to celebrate the Reggae Sun Ska 20th year! Harrison Stafford is definitely one of the greatest artist able to speak about the festival. We really share many values with this artist and we’re supporting him since the debuts. That’s why he’s supporting us today finding the good words to speak about the Sun Ska’s Generation, and the festival’s history.

The Line up is finally complete ! A hard working during all the year with ingenious ideas, amazing discoveries, and choices to defend. A hard working which defines the team’s vision for this 20th edition which will be unbelievable !

This year it’s time for daring! In this last names, you’ll find many different artists like Mike Love the Hawaiian with big heart, Kalash the Caribbean dancehall prince, or Marcus Gad new beautiful roots voice from New Caledonia. Panda Dub will exceptionally play on the main stage ONE LOVE to bring some irie vibes from the Dub movement! As we love travels and new things, we decided to go all over the world with music and pass for the Train To Roots’ Italy and their electric reggae, Mista Savona’s Australia where he’s working on a very nice project between Cuba and Jamaica, and for sure we’ll pass in Kingston, toaster’s fiefdom who will come on the DUB FOUNDATION stage with Legal Shot and Mungo’s Hi Fi Sound System like Junior Cat, Admiral Tibet, Little John or Terry Ganzie. Europe will be high represented too with Charlie P, Mister Williamz, YT and Marina P.

Another good news for this year: REBEL stage is back! Here we use to welcome new talents from everywhere. It’s a real pleasure for us to support all that new talents, original and engaged artists and present you the new generation. Local scene will be there with Mawyd or Green Dawa, but French scene toot with the Pierre Nesta’s sweet folk, Devi Reed’s reggae/hip hop, or The Tuff Lions’ heavy roots. Well you’ll find all you need, and all you need is love!

And, as it’s a very special year for us and as we couldn’t arrive here alone, we’re happy to welcome on stage two of our biggest partners: Party Time Crew who will bring their good vibes and energy on the DUB FOUNDATION stage, and Reggae.fr who will have free rein to present the Generation H’s artists on the REBEL stage!

There are only a few weeks left until we meet again under the Bordeaux’ sunshine with the waxy reggae bass in the ears to have, once again, a good time with you all and celebrate this very special 20th year! We’re waiting for you and we hope that like always you’ll come to appreciate the legendary Reggae Sun Ska ambiance!