Hey Dreamer – Earth & The Fullness (Music Video)

Are you sleeping or awake? To dream is to live in another world. And one tells us of the other. Where you seek, is it outside of you or in? If we can give ourselves the space to dream, we can allow love to expand in any world through our actions and gratitude. Hey Dreamer by Earth and the Fullness is Filmed, Directed, and Edited by Ishack Wilmot.

Earth and the Fullness, a creative project/band out of Jamaica, based at Jamnesia Surf Camp. Earth and the Fullness began in 2014 and on April 12, 2024, their first album – Blue Mantle – will be released. An album about feeling, which fits right in with Earth and the Fullness’ stance that inner healing is just as important as social healing. The energy of the music says, you are loved, be calm, go within, find your light, and shine it bright to the world. 

In today’s music scene, there’s a notable struggle with softness, while the portrayal of women often falls into extremes of hardness or sexuality. Jamaican bands crafting authentic roots music or willing to explore the boundaries of the genre face a lack of representation. 

Earth and the Fullness champions authenticity both in its music and message, offering a fresh yet profoundly connecting sound rooted in inspiration. Drawing from a wellspring of creativity, the music channels soulful vibrations, a blend of familial and artistic support bringing the songs to fruition. The new album, Blue Mantle, transcends genre and resonates beyond today’s norm, a testament to its uniqueness, heartfelt origins, and creative process.