His Name – Akwerius ft. Junior Toots

Boston, MA – After the Love Rule music video and two promo lyrics videos, Amen Ra and Resist, Akwerius links up with Junior Toots for “His Name”, next single release off the Bright Side album (Out Now

At a time when fierce conflicts are raging on every side of the planet, amidst wars and rumors of war, “His Name” bears a message of faith, unity, and gratitude in the face of the forces (material and spiritual), threatening to divide humankind. Grounded in a meditative heart-beat rhythm, the music interlaces dubbed-out guitar and melodica riffs over a deep roots bassline. Kwe was in a contemplative state while living in Mt Shasta, CA during the 2020-21 lockdown when he first laid down the original composition, which was subsequently re-tracked with live musicians in studios in Boston, MA, Washington, DC, and Petaluma, CA. The final vocal mix+dub were engineered by Scientist in Los Angeles, CA. 

“I was reading Psalm 96 one night, and meditating on the meaning of its message on the power of the Creator, and was immediately filled with gratitude for the guidance and presence of the Most High in my life. I wanted the people that listen to this song to experience a similar feeling. The love of the Almighty can work miracles and turn around seemingly desperate situations. The bright sense of peace, hope and resilience that comes from knowing this is something I wish for everyone in the world to have.” 

Junior Toots, whose passionate vocal style carries the trademark croon of his father, energetically and lyrically elevates the tune to bring the message home by his gripping intro verse and memorable chorus lyrics that repeat throughout the song to complement Kwe’s trance-like delivery and flow.