Hit Like Gunshot – Cali P & Teka (Music Video)

Caribbean-Guadeloupe / Swiss reggae artist Cali P goes hard on “Hit Like Gunshot” lyrics written while in quarantine in Gambia, West Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic. Evocative lyrics flow from a river of emotions related to the murder of George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis by the police and the anti-racism protest movement towards change worldwide.

A soul-stirring Afrobeats groove by Berlin-based producer Teka (also producer on Cali P’s Vizion) and acoustic guitar lines drive a potent brew of timely poetry exclaiming systematic racism, focusing on the root cause of the upheaval.

A music video for “Hit Like Gunshot” filmed in the Gambia, features vivid images of protesters in support of Black Lives Matter worldwide, carrying signs with messaging in solidarity. The names of many that have been victims of police brutality are listed as Cali P contemplates the global movement towards change from his perspective from the streets of Gambia.