Hold On – CJ Joe (Music Video)

As the world still continues to struggle, CJ Joe’s optimistic message of upliftment brings hope and healing to the mind, soul and spirit. In these times not only is physical health is an issue all over, but certainly mental health and anxiety is a big problem in our daily lives. Some research has shown 1 out of 4 teens to adults and even children are affected from isolation all over the globe. “Hold On” is not only a song of encouragement but it is also meant to ease the mind with the soothing sound, melody and upful lyrics to help you focus towards the right mindset to move forward. “This one goes out for all who are going through it. Just keep on and hold it.” CJ Joe

Produced by Sinkybeatz
Backing Vocals: Nina Karle out of Jamaica
Mix & Mastered: Sinkybeatz
Release Date: April 19, 2021
Label: Fareast SoulJah Music
Cameraman/edit by: Namurivisión
Model & Actress: Belen
Location: Mallorca,Menorca Spain