Jah Ova Evil drops ‘Forever Judah’ on Batelier Records

JAH OVA EVIL is a Jamaican artist who transcended into a united community around strong and committed human values, in which their members advocate a conscious music based on a message of love, equality and solidarity. They aspire to a world where poverty no longer exists and where everyone lives in harmony with their environment.

Jah Ova Evil is associated to the Nunes family, through the strong involvement of the twin artists, The Gideon (Aijah Nunes) and Selah (Jahnoi Nunes) who manage and defend the ideas of that community in the continuity of their eldest brother, JOE (Alty Georges Nunes) who died of a ruptured aneurysm on February 7, 2011.

This community is well known and much involved in the cultural life of Kingston. It weekly organizes events during which young and old artists can exchange and share reggae music.

Forever JudahThe music produced by the members of the “Jah Ova Evil” community has contributed to the birth of the “Reggae Revival” trend and the merging with Jazz, Soul, Hip-hop and electronic music.

It is this community that gave birth to the rising stars of reggae such as : J.O.E aka Jah Ova Evil (Alty George Nunes), Chronixx (Jamar Mc Naughton) and Empress Sativa (Kerida Johnson).

This album is produced by Batelier Records, a young reggae music label based in Slovakia and managed by passionate people who decided to work with “Jah Ova Evil” community because of their common values : “We believe in the potential of these artists who work together in order to influence our world!”, “Our main effort is to support artists and producers who are struggling to bring those vibes to the people” said Renaud Devaliere, Founder of Batelier Records.

The “Jah Ova Evil : Forever Judah” album is dedicated to the unique artist affectionately known as Lil Joe, “Alty George Nunes 3rd” who past away in 2011 and who inspired all the artists of the compilation. The first track is an exclusive track sung by J.O.E and written by his brother Selah (Jahnoi Nunes).

The album is composed of 14 tracks and 7 artists.
Release date: 17/07/2015.

Belly Of The Beast – Jah Ova Evil
Roots Rock Reggae – The Gideon
Uncivil Unrset – D’Excell
Your King Is On The Way – Jahwawah
Sweet Thing – Nicole Miller
Badadeng – The Gideon & Selah
Spread Love – Selah
Children Of Israel – The Gideon
Strive – D’Excell
Jah Live – Hempress Sativa
Haile Jah – Selah
Highest – The Gideon
RollIt Up – D’Excell
Jah Love – Nicole Miller