Jah Tung & The Natural Order – Slumber

Slumber is the debut release from The Natural Order and a noteworthy collaboration with lyricist Jah Tung, delivering a powerful message over deep roots and dub soundscape. In the vain of many of the old school roots classics, Jah Tung’s vocals employ a melodic call and response style, while the musicality of The Natural Order explores the reggae rockers approach, from a heavy dub perspective.

Lyrically, Slumber is a wake-up call to remember the powers of nature, to be aware of constitutional misdirection, to re-prioritize our values and ambitions, ultimately shifting our allegiance from corporations and political persuasions to family, friends and the greater community. The vibrant visual animation provided by Sopheak Art presents a poignant perception of the current global context, suggesting a possibility to turn these changes and challenges into positive outcomes for a brighter and more connected future.

Do some good in your neighbourhood!

Jah Tung is one of Australia’s leading and most versatile reggae artists, a foundational genre responsible for the inception of hip hop, punk, dancehall and various other movements that give a platform to the voiceless. After having built momentum both locally and globally with accolades such as a Music Victoria Award nomination and collaborative releases with high profile international reggae artists and pioneers, the lyrical Souljah has teamed with powerful musical artillery – Jah Tung & The Natural Order.

Joining forces with Melbourne’s most renowned reggae keyboardist, Riccardo “Killah Keys” Barbarulo, as well as various other resident musicians of Melbourne, these untiring artists, are honored and excited to present The Natural Order, an unstoppable force bringing you the most electrifying riddims with the most intricate, dynamic and illustrious arrangements.

With the freedom to serve up vivid new flavors as well as reinventing the familiar classics, Jah Tung & The Natural Order enchant and entice the audience from the door to the dance floor, with their addictive and animated orchestrations, hypnotic grooves and an overall vivacious atmosphere.