Jamaica Jazz and Blues 2021 Virtual Show Day 1

A night of a thousand stars as the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, the virtual edition, kicks of today Thursday March 4, with a full slate of emerging acts seeking to showcase their talents to a global audience on a night dubbed ‘Stars on the Rise’.

The acts are selected following the Band Quest talent search, where the organisers of the festival threw out an open call for young acts. This continues a tradition started by the festival years ago which created the talent stage to fill the breaks during the physical staging of the festival.

This year, the acts are nothing short of impressive, and for three hours on the various social media platforms showcasing a wide and diverse range of musical styles and talents which went over well with the virtual audience. Singers, musicians, reggae, rock, jazz, and R&B, were all part of the fare on the opening night and clearly set the standard for the two nights to come.

The prompt 7:00 pm start is an indication that the organisers are aiming to deliver a professional package and the audience was never disappointed. Crisp, clear visuals and sound, and a strong entertainment package all anchored by media personality Debbie Bissoon, ensured that the night is gonna be one for the history books.