Joggo Keeps it Burning with new Video!

After releasing his mix tape “Beware” in 2009 and his Official debut Album “Modern Rockers” in 2011 alongside the Dreddarecords, Joggo is back to release an official single of his 2nd and upcoming album called “Conscious love”. This album contains productions created by Joggo himself and co produced by Mr. Michael Fletcher, the musical director of Shaggy (Jam.) backed by the Tanntrum band. With his new single “Keep it burning” Joggo kicks off with a preview of his upcoming album “Conscious love” that is now being worked on in the legendary Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston Jamaica, were legends such as Mr. Dean Fraser are polishing the tunes with beautiful horn play. Joggo stayed consistent when creating the music by retaining the authentic way of reggae music with that bit of oldness in his style. The single “Keep it burning” will also be the first official tune that will be released on his own label called Joggo Music Productions.

During the years Joggo’s slogan never changed.. Peace, love, respect and Unity!

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