Jubba White – My Random Thoughts (Teaser Video)

The pandemic certainly has changed a lot of how we go about life. Jubba White (Drummer & founder of Dubtonic K) never saw himself as a singer presenting from the front of the stage.

“I’ve loved my drums too much to have thought of giving up that comfortable seat 🙂 For years, performing as a collective with my band, I usually sing my part of the songs from behind the drums, might still see some of that from time to time… but here’s to what evolved over the period that we had to be in isolation.”

Jubba releases his self-produced album dubbed “My Random Thoughts” on his White Stone Productions Label This October 15th. The album features Prezident Brown, Aaron Nigel Smith, Kumar, Frassman Brilliant, Rayven Amani, Paola Pierri, Arturas, Kava Jah and Lamont “Monty” Savory.